Meet the 4open Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Björn Brücher

4open Interview series

In this blog series, you can discover more about the Editors-in-Chief of 4open. This week we’re talking to Professor Björn Brücher, who leads the editorial board for Life Sciences and Medicine, and works with his fellow Editors-in-Chief on the broader development of the journal.

Björn, can you tell us about your experience and education?

My studies began at Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz, with time also spent in Bradford, Edinburgh and Oxford in the UK. My Cancer Surgery, Research Education and Training were performed at the Technical University of Munich including my habilitation (in accordance to Ph.D.). Cancer research took me to the Helmholtz Institute in Munich and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, USA.

I’m a member of distinguished cancer and surgical societies worldwide and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Surgeons of England and of the Royal Society of Biology. I received an honorary membership for the Israeli Society of Surgical Oncology (ISSO) in 2012 and a Professorship of Ethical Leadership from the New Westminster College in Vancouver, Canada, and I was appointed as an Ambassador of the European Association of Cancer Research (EACR).

I’m the Founder and Director of the Theodor-Billroth-Academy® (TBA®) and Co-Founder of its International Consortium of Research Excellence (INCORE), both of which are partner societies of 4open.

Since June 2015, I have been Deputy Chair at the Carl-Thiem-Klinikum in Cottbus. Together with my friend and colleague, Dr Ijaz S. Jamall, our cancer research studies have led to pioneering a new cancer hypothesis as well as a new anticancer strategy.

What excites you about working on this new journal?

As a scientist, how often in life does someone get the noteworthy opportunity, honour and privilege to become involved in the creation of a new journal from scratch?

EDP Sciences and I have been working together over the last few years exchanging ideas about the concept of a new journal. During that time we have developed a strong, long- term vision for this new, quality, open access publication. From the beginning it has been an outstanding pleasure and honour to work closely with EDP Sciences, and especially with Dr Claus Roll.

Any organization is only as good as its people. It does not matter if you take a scientific group, a department of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, or Surgical Oncology: all are nothing without technical assistants, sub-specialized physicists, chemists, mathematicians, physicians, diplomates, engineers or nurses working collaboratively as a team. We are all humans – nothing else, and only by working alongside one another can something unique be created and this is entirely dependent on the quality and integrity of its people. The single individual becomes less important. The editors in chief and editorial board are outstanding and committed to achieving success for 4open.

How do you see the journal developing over the next five years?

The TBA® and INCORE join a host of distinguished societies, academies and Nobel Laureates (who founded the company) in partnering with EDP Sciences. These prestigious communities are very important and our collaboration will contribute enormously to the success of 4open. Developments in Life Sciences, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics continue at pace and we aim to attract quality research in all disciplines.

What advice would you give to researchers thinking of submitting to 4open?

We face huge challenges within the 21st Century, the “science, geo-cultural and geo-political century”, including rapid developments in all different topics of the above-mentioned disciplines. All are influenced by politics, economy, societies, different cultural values and evolution. 4open, as a new multi- and inter-disciplinary journal, is the logical answer.

Thanks Bjorn. It has been a pleasure working with you, and the TBA®, from the beginning. We look forward to continued collaboration.

If you have any questions for Björn you can contact him via: LinkedIn, Twitter or ResearchGate and the TBA® LinkedIn group.

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