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"Key summaries" is a series of easy to understand articles aimed at non-experts. The articles summarise papers published in 4open and highlight and present key ideas and findings in a clear and concise way. Readers can then access the full text of the original paper at the end of each "Key summaries" article.

Researchers use open-access genetic data to reveal a unique picture of ageing

Using publicly available datasets, researchers have found that genes involved in infections and inflammatory responses are highly expressed with age, suggesting links between infection/inflammation and the ageing process.

What happens to our bodies as we age, and why? On the face of it, the answers may seem obvious, but the biological mechanisms involved in ageing are not yet completely understood. These questions are more pertinent than ever, as improvements in healthcare mean that the human population is ageing rapidly, but frailty and chronic illness still frequently accompany old age. Uncovering the mysteries of ageing will help researchers to understand the relationship between ageing and disease, paving the way for people to be healthier during their final years.