New article on silent carriers of COVID-19 published in 4open and discussed on German radio

We are pleased to share the publication of a new open access article in 4open “COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 susceptibility in health workers – cluster study at a German Teaching Hospital” by Michael Scherer et al.

Authors, Prof.Dr. Michael A. Scherer and Björn Brücher, recently discussed the paper on the German radio show together with Dr. Susanne Johne.

The article addresses silent carriers of COVID-19 after the shutdown and quarantine of Helios Amper-Klinikum. One index patient and five health care workers were initially infected, so, all patients, health care providers, physicians, and nurses were tested in order to detect silent carriers.

“Despite prior proper preparation, a COVID-19 positive patient load of up to 34.8% (46 of 132 hospital beds) resulted in a 10- to 20-fold increase in risk for healthcare workers for SARS-CoV-2 compared to the general population. Because of asymptomatic carriers, a COVID-19-free hospital cannot be expected to exist.”

Read the full article.