Meet the 4open Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Björn Brücher

4open Interview series

In this blog series, you can discover more about the Editors-in-Chief of 4open. This week we’re talking to Professor Björn Brücher, who leads the editorial board for Life Sciences and Medicine, and works with his fellow Editors-in-Chief on the broader development of the journal.


Launch of 4open- a new Open Access journal from EDP Sciences

Paris, France June 29th 2017- EDP Sciences, a learned society owned publisher, has announced the launch of a new multi- and inter-disciplinary Open Access journal: 4open.

4open promotes excellence and rigour in academic scholarship, disseminating high quality, original research in all subjects across the STEM domain. The journal has resolute commitments to academic excellence and the advancement of the four pillars of open science: Open Access, Open Data, Open Code, and Open Peer Review. Read the full Aims & Scope on the journal website.

4open partners with the Theodor-Billroth-Academy® (TBA®) and International Consortium of Research Excellence of the TBA® (INCORE) in this new launch. Professors Björn L.D.M. Brücher, Elias Brinks, and Theodore E. Simos will lead, as Editors-in-Chief, a truly international editorial board of over 130 members in 37 countries.

“Developing 4open has been an exciting project for all involved”, Jean-Marc Quilbé, CEO at EDP Sciences said of the launch “I am glad to see that the hard work has paid off, and I am in no doubt that in the coming years the journal will succeed in establishing itself as a respected voice in the scientific community.”

EDP Sciences is currently in the process of recruiting an expert steering committee, which will guide 4open on strategy, scientific direction and ethics ensuring the highest standards of academic integrity.

The journal is open for submissions and prospective authors are invited to visit our Instructions for authors for full guidance.

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