Professor Björn Brücher, Editor-in-Chief of 4open, appointed Member of the European Academy of Science and Arts

The German cancer surgeon and researcher is honored for his contribution to cancer research

With his election as a full member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea), Professor Brücher is one of a handful of scholars who deal with issues relevant to Europe in an interdisciplinary and cross-border manner. Among the approximately 2,000 members of the Academy worldwide, there are 32 Nobel Prize winners.


Volunteer opportunity with 4open journal

The 4open journal is currently looking for a volunteer PhD student or early career professional to assist in the management of the 4open Twitter account @4openjournal.


Researchers use open-access genetic data to reveal a unique picture of ageing

This is the first free article in the new ‘Key summaries’ series from 4open. The article offers an easy to understand version of “Visual gene network analysis of aging-specific gene co-expression in human indicates overlaps with immuno-pathological regulations” by Bibhu Parida et al., published in 4open in 2018, which examines the complex process of aging to identify a set of candidate genes that are involved in organism aging processes, using a microarray meta-analysis approach.

The ‘Key summaries’ article uses non-technical language and provides definitions to help non-experts understand, in this instance, “What happens to our bodies as we age, and why?”.

Using publicly available datasets, researchers have found that genes involved in infections and inflammatory responses are highly expressed with age, suggesting links between infection/inflammation and the ageing process."

Read the ‘Key summaries’ article - “Researchers use open-access genetic data to reveal a unique picture of ageing”

Read the original article - “Visual gene network analysis of aging-specific gene co-expression in human indicates overlaps with immuno-pathological regulations

New partnership announced between 4open and SciencePOD

4open, the multidisciplinary, open access journal that publishes all types of articles, from different fields in natural sciences, technology, and medicine, is pleased to announce a new partnership with SciencePOD to make the journal’s topical scientific content available to a wider audience.


4open publish its first article in mathematics

4open continues to develop with its first article published in mathematics. The article: "More of algebraic properties of the discrete Fourier transform raising and lowering operators" by Mesuma Atakishiyeva et al. is the first article in the "Difference & Differential Equations and Applications" Special Issue resulting from the ICNAAM 2018 conference.

Discussing “some additional findings concerning algebraic properties of the N-dimensional discrete Fourier transform (DFT) raising and lowering difference operators”, this article explores the distinctions between odd and even dimensions and how it relates to DFT raising and lowering difference operators.

4open is published by EDP Sciences under the auspices of the Société Française de Physique, and in partnership with Theodor-Billroth-Academy® & Int’l Consortium of Research Excellence of the TBA®.

4open encourages submissions in the fields of natural sciences, medicine and technology, including material sciences and engineering.

If you are interested in submitting an article to 4open please visit the 4open website to read the instructions for authors and submit your article.

Call for papers for 4open special issue: ICNAAM 2018

As part of a special collaborative issue, 4open is now welcoming contributions developed from research presented at the 16th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics ICNAAM 2018

4open encourages all contributing authors to develop their conference presentations into full papers that explore the research presented at the international meeting. The submission platform opens on the 15th September 2018, and articles will be published in early 2019. The issue will be edited by 4open Editor-in-Chief, Professor Theodore E. Simos.

ICNAAM 2018, held from 13th-18th September in Rhodes, Greece, brings together a diverse range of researchers in the field of computational and applied mathematics. The meeting allows researchers to discuss and share the latest research and findings in numerical analysis and applied mathematics.

Find out how to submit your paper to 4open here.

4open is an Open Access multi- and inter-disciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality content adhering to excellence in all disciplines of science and research, including materials and engineering. All papers will be subject to full peer-review upon submission.

4open sign ASAPbio open letter on the publication of peer review reports

4open is pleased to support the initiative outlined in ASAPbio’s open letter to help improve transparency within peer review. Open peer review is one of the four key pillars upon which 4open is built, as the Journal believes it encourages a more holistic view of a published piece of work, allowing for more thorough critical evaluation.

In February 2018, members of the scholarly publishing community assembled to discuss upcoming advances regarding peer review techniques at The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Headquarters. This meeting resulted in the agreement that publishing peer review reports will improve the transparency of the publishing process.

Read a summary of the event here.

4open will implement this change in peer review policy early in 2019, enabling authors and peer reviewers to opt in or out of open peer review reports.

"Science belongs to no one – and to everyone" – an editorial by 4open Editor-in-Chief, Professor Björn Brücher

In the first article published in 4open, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Björn LDM Brücher discusses several important aspects relating to scientific publishing in a modern, digital world.

4open will publish original multi- and inter-disciplinary scientific research and is currently inviting submissions; prospective authors are invited to read the Instructions for Authors page to find out more.


Four Pillars of Open Science: Open Code

This is the last post in our four-part blog series exploring Open Science; this week we focus on open code. You can still read the other blogs in this series on Open Access, Open Peer Review and Open Data. You can also sign up to email alerts to make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming posts.


4open listed on Publons Journal List

4open is proud to announce that the journal has been included in the Publons Journal List. Publons, the service which "aims to speed up research by harnessing the power of peer review", encourages transparency in the peer review process for all involved - a theme that dominated the discussion during the recent Peer Review Week (September 11th-15th).